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Hey, I have a question? Where do you guys find the privacy to PE? More specifically, how is a college student like myself supposed to find that kind of solitude?

That’s easy dreadlord. Just mention that you heard there was free beer in the students union bar, this will give you one evening to yourself as they will probably stay regardless. Then you could try a stripper show, followed by a live sex show, then porn flicks. etc.

It won’t work for ever, but it will clear the field for a while so that you can go about your business. Hope this helps, I’ve been there myself and it is a problem. Just remember that students can be so gullible and use it to your advantage.

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Do you live in a dorm, apartment, or what? I live at home with my mom and brother, and trust me, I know what it’s like to lack privacy. I just cant wait to move into my apartment. My lease starts on August 1.:D

Lots of stuff such as stretching can be done in the bathroom while sitting on the toilet. Maybe try several shorter PE sessions broken up throughout your day. No one will care if you disappear for 15-20 minutes in the bathroom every now and then.

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