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Privacy issue

Privacy issue

Hello there I am going into college this fall.this weekend to be exact I have just now gained interest in actually starting a PE program in spite of knowing of it for quite a while. Well, the problem with starting now is that I am going to be rooming in a four person dorm room.I think this is going to make it very tough on me to find the requisite time to put in the effort required of PE. If it were just me rooming with one other person I would be able to just figure out there schedule and work around it. With three other people in the room I feel this will be almost impossible. Oh yeah I am thinking there will be three showers for the 9 of us in the suite if that helps any. I am looking for any tips and tricks, or any modified routines to help me start my own PE routine. Thank you all.

Hmmm try to find out your roommates schedules and plan accordingly. At my college, my roommate was usually just leaving for class when I got back from mine so I had numerous one hour windows. You may be lucky enough to have some privacy. Here is a wacky thought, you could come off as being an OCD clean freak and make it known that you have to take long showers because you soap your whole body, rinse, and then soap again….They never have to know. ;)

Don’t let this stop your from beginning or you never will start. You have been a member since ‘06 and never started? There will always be something that can hold you back, ignore it and as nike would say, JUST DO IT. Your situation is not easy, but it is doable. Go for it.

My suggestion is to get started with a simple wet jelq routine (I prefer vitamin E oil as a little lasts a long time and it doesn’t look as girly as lotion). It is easy to do and 10-15 minutes at least once hopefully twice a day for 4-5 days out the week will work wonders faster than you think. A shower is a good time and place for the warm-up and cover for this activity. Careful not to turn the PE time into jack off time as it would just waste the time you spent jelqing. Don’t ask me why this is, but I and many believe that to be true. Probably has to do with retreating blood flow and overusing muscles. Anyway, I screwed around with PE for years (hanging, pumping, ADS) and never put the time into jelqing only to find out that it more than any other exercise gets consistent results.

In addition, stretches and kegels at night while in the dark won’t be noticed and are good additions to jelqing. Finally, try dry jelqing at night (you may have to look that up on this site to know what I mean). None of these activities have to be so vigorous as to attract attention. Good Luck.

Maybe you could try doing a quick dry jelqing session every time you go to the bathroom for a shit.

Introduce the rest of them to PE by leaving some literature lying around.

4/2008 Bpel 6.50, Beg 5.5, Mseg 4.9

6/2008 Bpel 6.75, Beg 5.5, Mseg 5.1

9/2008 Bpel 7.00, Beg 5.5, Mseg 5.1

Whatever happened to putting a tie on the door knob?

If you want to PE, then you will find a way. Be imaginative with location/ scheduling your PE. Don’t make excuses to not PE or else you will keep making them. Split your sessions. Have less strenuous or time consuming sessions if need be. And don’t forget to eat well and exercise and live a healthy lifestyle which is the foundation of good PE… though perhaps probably hard to do if you are away at college and wanting to party.

Good luck with your PE and college.

Find a nice spacious public bathroom that gets very little foot-traffic. If your college is anything like mine then it’s bound to be full of them. Only problem is warming up/down, but I’m sure you can get creative. Happy gaining!

Originally Posted by 74zowee86
If you want to PE, then you will find a way.

Wise words.nothing else to add on

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