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I am starting to wonder how much pressure should be applied when doing PE. I have always applied alot of pressure, but maybe that is not the right way to realize gains. If we could get some replies regarding the amount of pressure, and the number of reps some gainers are doing, I am sure it would be very helpful.

I’m assuming you mean pressure while jelquing?

How much are you doing and how can you measure it? Short of measuring, can you describe it to us? Why do think you might be using too much?

It’s hard to know what you’re talking about unless you talk about it.

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Search about the PI article. That would help you to understand a bit more what indicators will help you decide pressure/time/repetitions.

But as Mr. Happy said, describe a bit what you are doing, guessing about PE is a dangerous.

I jelq with a firm grip. Well, whats a firm grip? Its a grip that allows you to trap enough blood in your shaft and yet allow for a smooth movement of your hand from the base to the glan. Its more about the feel. Its not speed/hour we are talking about so numbers would be difficult to come up with. As workingOut suggested, PIs would lead your way.

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