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Pressure during jelqing

Pressure during jelqing

Hey fellow jelqers. I have a fairly basic question about jelqing. I alternate hands for each stroke, but find that I have to completely let go of my member momentarily so that I can pull the skin back as far as I can to the base before I start the next stroke (I am uncut). Anyway, is that the right way to be jelqing or is it important to always have one hand on your dick keeping pressure at all times? Let me know if what I’m asking doesn’t make sense and I’ll try and reword. I have read heaps of threads and info. About jelqing and watched the videos, but I am still unsure about this one point. Any advice hugely appreciated.

Enforcer I think you can do it that way but try to kegal as you let go so you can keep more blood trapped in your penis. Good luck.

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are you dry or wet jelqing ?

If wet, then as far as I know, your foreskin is not pulled back but covers your glands. If you dry jelq (I do), then I would not alternate hands each stroke, but do a couple of strokes with one hand and then change hands for a couple strokes.


I’m new to this but I’m really trying to do this well. I am uncut and I don’t pull back my skin at all. It’s actually kind of cool when I see my knob engorging under my hood.

Best of luck,


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Are you having trouble with the scrotum skin that “follows” each stroke while wet jelqing? I had that problem before. I solved it by attaching a leather strap tight around my ballsack just beneath the penis base. The strap holds the scrotum skin in place.

I also let go between each stroke, don’t think it matters much as long as you keep going. Also kegeling as mentioned above is a good idea. I haven’t gained much yet, due to inconsistancy but I guess you’ll have to find your own jelqing “style”. Some do it really slow, I prefer faster strokes, easier to maintain the right degree of erection. I go all soft if I work it to slow.

Good luck!

Cheers for the advice and insights. I’ll try and find my own technique that suits me best with all this in mind. Good luck to one and all!

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