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Pressing down on an erection for length gains


Pressing down on an erection for length gains

I have searched to see if this has come up before but it is very hard to type anything in that would bring this kind of thread up so I decided to make a new thread.

The basic idea is to get an erection than slowly force it downwards between your legs while remaining erect in an attempt to stretch the ligament.
I’ve tried it for the past 3-4 days and thus far can say that it definitely temporarily lengthens the penis by about 1/4 inch. I wonder how best to do it to maximize gains..

I often wonder if it is about length of time under tension or maximal tension reached..

Has this been tried before? Any further info people could add?


I should add that the closest thing I found to this was the ‘Plumped bend’ and within the instructions it stated that it wasn’t an erect bend.

Okay now do a search for “Amazing Isometrics” :D

Sorry man its been done!

Thanks man, I tried lots of combos but never would have thought of that :$

Just be careful you don’t break your dick.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Sounds like someone is asking for some problems.

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That’s erect fowfers your doing. I don’t recommend erect fowfers for Newbies.

Check out “Fowfers and Bed Fowfers.” Even the guy that does them does not recommend them for Newbies.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

You can actually fracture your penis. Seriously. You can burst one of the corpus cavernosum (sp?) and then you’ll have serious problems. That actually happened to a friend of mine a few years back during sex (with his wife, not with me). Now his dick has a 45 degree bend in it whenever he has a boner. I’ve never seen it, but he says it isn’t a gentle curve, but a sharp bend. It makes sex difficult, he’s gotten divorced since then, and has no sex life whatsoever because he can’t broach the subject with anyone he dates.

I’m just saying you need to be careful.

Don’t do it. There are internal structures that could be damaged.

Think about this. If that was a “proper” PE exercise it would be featured here in a video or there would be more discussion. It’s actually a dangerous practice that could cause, as sam1966 said, permanent injury. Stick to the routines posted on this site. They’ve worked for others.

Okay thanks for the advice and warnings. I just figured that it gave me a really good leverage to stretch out the main ligament which is responsible for keeping your penis straight up in the first place.

Manual stretching is alright but sometimes it feels like you are not stretching the ligament enough; moreover it feels like it is just increasing pressure in the glans and ‘straightening’ out the shaft.

Originally Posted by kingpole
That’s erect fowfers your doing. I don’t recommend erect fowfers for Newbies.

I did read somebody made accidentally the exercise questioned, but don’t remind the thread; however, this guy had an temporarily injury.

When healed, he found had gained about 1/4-1/2 inch from that; repeating this erect fowfer gave him no additional gains.

Maybe this is somewhat on topic:

Sprained Penis? and loss of gain

Oh my god I used to do this excercise when I did not think it was an exercise. I just used to do it because the stretch felt good. I did have an in cling that it would work but I never knew it could be so dangerous I mean I used to do these before I ever knew about PE. I guess I am lucky it didn’t break.

I used to do this a lot so I guess I am just tolerant or something or theres always the other case of being a lucky bastard. Off point, I am finding it really hard to get sex lately it must be those damn english winters nobody is ever around.

So what exactly is the reason that a penis points upwards during erection? If the mechanism is just filling with blood, would the penis get hard but continue to point down?

I am wondering, what is being stretched when pointing an erection downward? Is it the ligs? Do the ligs shorten during erection, which is why the penis points upward?

Horny Bastard

IMO they don’t shorten.. Or lengthen. In fact that is how they work. If they remain the same length running along the top of the penis but the shaft extends then the penis will get pulled upwards. I would’ve thought stretching the ligs out wouldn’t cause a decrease in angle of erection necessarily because the ‘internal’ penis would just occupy the ‘vacuum’, so to speak.

I’m just starting and I’d like to know the good stuff. So do I do this or not. Thanks

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