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Premature Ejac

Premature Ejac

This is quite concerning. Ever since I started stretching I noticed that I am lasting less and less in bed.
I never had problems before that, AND to be sure my stretching routines are light (1-2 hours a day) and they have been showing the right signs:
More healthy looking penis, and more frequent erections.

Anyone else got this ?

To me it’s not crazy to think that by stretching also the muscles that lead to your pelvis one might affect his control in bed.

Please let me know if this is a reported side effect

Many thanks

First: are you Kegeling while stretching? Second: are you doing jelqs or only manual stretches?

I am doing stretching with SG, I also do light jelq.. I DO NOT do any Kegel.

I kegeled 3 years ago, and I got some premature ejac and also pelvic pain. I am susceptible to pelvic pain so try to avoid straining my pelvis.

Would stretching alone do that ? Have you heard of this association before ?

What is ‘stretching with SG’?

Stretching can lower EQ, when your erections are weaker you can also have premature ejaculation. 1-2 hours stretching per day, how is that ‘light’?

When I first started PE (penis enlargement), I struggle with PE (premature ejaculation) as well. I think it was from kegels. Basically, my BC muscle was tense from the kegel workouts. It went from doing nothing to getting a full workout everyday. When it came time for sex, the tension was already there and it was like a minute or two and it was over.

I basically lighten up my kegel workout by not squeezing as tight and taking a day or two off. I also started reverse kegels and edging. Search for a thread called “extreme premature ejaculation”. It has worked well

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