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Pre Workout Supplements

Pre Workout Supplements

Hi, Doe’s anyone take a pre workout supplement before pumping? I been taking 2 and it works pretty good. I take a product called FULL AS FUCK and KILL IT. there made by 5% nutrition. And when I take both of these 30 min before pumping I get a great pump! just wondering if anyone else does this. Thanks

Only when pumping iron.

Try it while jelgin or pumping. You may like the results as I do.

Nah taking it too often isn’t good for you. Especially Rich Piana’s stuff.

After losing 70lbs my EQ has been on point.

I used yohimbe when I pumped. Those supplements are too pricey to be using outside of gym sessions. If it works for you it works for.

One thing to consider is the caffeine. The vasodialators usually outwork the vasodialation of the caffeine but I notice I turtle a lot after taking preworkouts.

Then again I’m working out then too so blood is elsewhere. Still postworkout I definitely notice turtling with caffeine vs. without.

The kill it has caffeine in it not the full as of fuck. And it’s not expensive at all. The full as fuck is like 35$ for a month. And I used to take the yohimbe myself and got absolutely nothing from it. All I know is I get great pumps from using the full as fuck. And sorry rich Piana stuff is one of the only products on the market that work

Yeah I take citrulline malate and beta alanine as a preworkout. If I leave out a high dose of caffeine I notice better flaccid hang. Though my flaccid fluctuates ridiculously so take it for what it is. I seem to turtle easily.

Ok so I have been taking the full as fuck pre workout by 5% nutrition. I take it 20min before I pump and I been getting great pumps from it! Last night I got out of the shower and the wife saw me, or saw it and asked what happened. I laughed and told her what I was taking before I pump. And she told me to keep it away from her! Lol, I thought her saying that was funny shit! But she wasn’t kidding! I got absolutely nothing last night.. Wtf.. Gotta take the good with the bad. But all joking aside if you haven’t tried it yet you should! My wife said I should keep my mouth shut and sell the stuff as a pre pump workout. Hahahaha. For about 35$ you have nothing to loose and a lot to gain

Well i was taking Steele libido from irwin naturals the red one but i believe the black is so much better but it does get the blood going. But fuck me running ill try it 2short.

Sounds promising maybe post a pic with the results.

sometimes I use ginseng, citrulline, and sometimes I take a little picnogenol before jelqing, it did not do much good kkkkk

I’ve taken all those supplements also with no luck. But I’m not kidding when I say this stuff really works for pumping I’m not kidding. Just take it about 20 min before pumping. And for the ones who keep mentioning it has caffeine, no it doesn’t. The kill it does but not the full as fuck. If I didn’t get good results using it I wouldn’t of mentioned it. I don’t endorse nor sell this product so I have nothing to gain from it. Just wanna pass on what works for me and hopefully some others will benefit from it as well. Hell it’s only like 35$ for a month supply, who hasn’t spent more on countless pills that don’t hold up to what there supposed to? We all have at one time or another. Hahahaha. If anyone one of you try this please post your results good or bad.. I’m telling you the name was like it was meant for PE! try it and make her feel FULL AS FUCK! LMAO

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