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Pre hot-wrap routine

Pre hot-wrap routine

I’m pretty new here, so someone may have mentioned this before, but I start my morning routine with my lap top (plugged in and charging) on my crotch. I have to use a sheet because the bottom gets too hot. After checking in on Thunder’s Place and my e-mail for about 10-15 minutes, my dick and ligs are very warm. If I’m in a hurry I start stretching without a hot wrap. Has anyone tried this?

This is only my second post, but I wanted to thank everyone for all the great info, and especially Thunder for the best managed forum of ANY topic. I have been lurking for a couple months now and have also had a lot of laughs. I love it when the veterans bust the fakes. My favorite was the guy with the huge two-tone dick; real dick, fake dude. Hilarious! Thanks.


I thought a lap top on the crotch lowered the sperm count? I could be wrong.

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I think any heat is bad for sperm count.

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