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Power Jelqing

Power Jelqing

I have began PEing again and do consider myself to be a “Newbie.” Manual Jelqing does not seem to work for me so I made a power jelq. I do see that I am able to keep an erection longer with doing the power jelq in comparison to manual jelqing. Is it OK to do power jelqing as a “Newbie?”

Originally Posted by toofpick
I do see that I am able to keep an erection longer with doing the power jelq in comparison to manual jelqing.

What exactly do you mean here? Not jelqing/power-jelqing an erect penis are you? That would be a bad move. Newbies shouldn’t really consider any other tools than their hands for 3 months at least.

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I saw that one of the senior members (mm) was able to make a power jelq which is made from a jar lifter.that’s what I mean by manual (hand jelqing) and power jelqing.

What I am saying is that I am not able to keep an erection throughout the routine while I am hand jelqing but I am able to while using the power jelq tool. I’m basically saying that I am getting a better jelq workout with the tool than with my hands

Here is the link that shows you what I am talking about

Homemade Power JELQ

It can take a long time to really get a good jelqing technique, so I would suggest keeping trying the manual method regularly. But if you are getting good results from the Power Jelq tool, keep using it. Just be careful how much pressure you use.

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I get you now, thought you were PJing on a 100% full on boner which would be risky to say the least. So long as you’re partially erect, say 40-60%, you should be able to jelq effectively. Try experimenting with grips; overhand, underhand etc. If the PJ is working for you, that’s fine - but be wary of the red dots if you push it too hard.

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That’ll work. I appreciate the advice.

I experimented with power jelqers many years ago, but have since abandoned the idea. I have practiced PE on and off for 8 years using primarily the Jelq and have developed a very intuitive feel and the ability to vary grips and pressures subtly to achieve whatever I am trying for in a particular session.


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