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Power Jelq

Power Jelq

Finally got my Jar Lifter to make my own Power Jelq :D But I’m still confused about what insulation to use? Seeing that I’m from the UK and the guide does not seem to specific about what materials I would need. Has anyone form the UK made this yet? And what measurement of insulation have you used? Plus does this product work better than your hands?


There poor don’t waste your time period.

Your hands are far superior.

Really? I would have thought this product would create some gain.

I’ve heard to many bad reports, I myself used one for 6 months and gained nothing at all.

I switched back to my hand with more intensity and started gaining again. Theres no substitute for your hands.

Hope you have better luck.

I don’t think there is many in the forum who gained much from using them never seen any possitive post.

Although I may be wrong.

Good Luck

Originally Posted by mansun2008
Theres no substitute for your hands.

I agree. The chance of hurting yourself goes way down as well.

I concur with the use-your-hands group. More control on pressure, less likelihood of injury, you have them with you at all times, (in case you have the opportunity to get in a few quick jelqs between meetings!).

If you’re still going ahead and making/using it, the insulation I used was pipe insulation available at just about any hardware or home-improvement store.

:_pump: :donatecar

Something from here might be right:

I purchased one of the original jelq devices and quit using it soon after. You have much better control with your hands.

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