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Power Jelq: To Roll or Not To Roll

Power Jelq: To Roll or Not To Roll

That is the question. I have read that several people have modded their PJ so that the rollers are fixed. I believe the concept is that a PJ that won’t roll gives a better stretch as you use it. I just made my own PJ and I was wondering if anyone has any advice, preferably backed by gains, on the best way to use the PJ. Thanks in advance!

I’d recommend fixing the rollers if you want to be able to exert lots of force slooooowly as you use the device (with plenty of lube). There’s a general consensus that slow, deliberate, well-executed jelqing is much more effective than quick, sloppy jelqing for the same total time.

Is it ok to use lube on the foam rollers? Have you actually tried this?

I have not used a power jelq, but I have trouble imagining how you’d use it effectively without lube. Perhaps if you have a lot of foreskin this is possible?

I’m uncut. I will be doing a routine tonight, perhaps I’ll experiment with it a little bit.

I use a small amount of “Cetaphil” lotion to avoid chafing when I use my Power Jelq. Too much lotion/oil can cause the rollers to slip sideways over the skin surface, and constant re-alignment (to keep the rollers centered over the shaft) is annoying. The rollers on my Power Jelq do not roll much, although I have not modified them in any way.

I’ve not noticed any foam deterioration from the use of the lotion.


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