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Power Jelq penis rotation

Power Jelq penis rotation

Hey guys I recently made my own power jelq device with the canning jar lifters (and I did a damn fine job too) but the problem is anytime I try to use it my penis rotates at the end of the stroke a bit before the glans.

I wanted to make one so that I could use it vertically so that all the pressure would be on the sides of my penis to encourage girth gains and also to avoid damaging the dorsal nerve and the urethra.

I really want to use the jelq device because I think I can get great girth gains by focusing on the corpus cavernosum, but I think because of the rotation it may do more harm than good. Anyone know maybe how I can still get that same corpus cavernosum workout that the jelq device gives, even if the jelq device won’t work for me?

The rotation is pretty normal: it depends on the fact that your penis is not symmetric in shape - probably you have a curve in your penis.

When I use the Power Jelq I have the rotation problem as well, but it’s mainly when I am more erect than I should be. You might try staying (if possible) with about a 40% erection to see if that helps.

I have never been able to use the Power Jelq on the sides of my penis, because of the oval shape of my shaft…only on the top and bottom, but in my 3 or 4 years of using the Power Jelq I can not determine any nerve damage (or any other damage) has occurred.

Hope this helps,


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