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Potential Newbie Gains Question

Potential Newbie Gains Question

I’m wondering just how attainable my goals are. I been a member for a while but haven’t stayed on a routine longer then a week. Been so busy with school and finals but now I have a summer break and can focus alot on PE. Currently I’m 6.25 NBPEL and between 5.25 and 5.5 EG. My goal is to be 7.25 NBEL within 6 months…I was wondering if that was a realistic goal at all.

Nobody can tell you exactly if one can gain 1” within 6 months, but if you can’t be consistent with your routine, I doubt if you can gain 1” even in 6 years.

Consistency is primary key to success in PE, I wish you luck with your target.

Starting Aug/06: BPEL 5.5", EG 4.3"

05/Feb/2007: BPEL 6.3", NBPEL 5.7", EG 4.9"

^^ What he said.

From 4x4 1/30/06 to ?x? !

It can be done but it may take 6-to one year, the trick is is to change your routine often so you don’t get bored. Find some routine that promotes growth and stick with until gains subside.

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