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Potential Length

Potential Length

Hi Guys,

I do 30 mins jelquing followed by 10 mins manual stetching 5 days a week.Happy with gains so far,I also use a pump occassionaly,When pumping my semi erect penis is nearly an inch longer than when fully errect,so if I could get the hydrolics more powerful could my erection be potentially an inch bigger?


An inch sounds like a lot of difference. Does the cylinder press on the same area as you are measuring from? and are you pressing the ruler as hard as the cylinder is pressing? Does a normal erection seem to be weak or well pressurised?

A vacuum erect length is the same as a BPEL for me +/- 1/8” or so.

Manich that is very odd. If that is true shouldn’t your full erection after pumping be at least as long as your semi erect pumped measurement?

I just got my cylinder today from Vacutech, thick walled 9x2. I admit its a little spacious but that is what I got the pump for, the girth work! I did a dry run at 5-10 hg , anymore felt uncomfortable. I can see that the skin will likely take up fluid and give a false girth gain so I will try condom pumping later tonight. I love how my glans inflates, much better than what I could ever achieve with squeezing I think.

BEFORE 5.75 EL 4.8 EG Vagina Length Database

NOW 32yrs old 8.5 BPSL 7.75 BPEL 5.5-5.75-6.25* upper/mid/base EG 5.0 BPFL glans tip 5.0 FG shaft Hang, Stretch, Jelq, Pump, Clamp

Goal 8.0 EL 6.0 EG Asian - Thai 5' 10" uncircumcised

Normal erections are stiff but the penis head could be a little fuller I think…

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