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Potential injury

Potential injury

Hello guys,

As I’m unable to post in the injury-forum I figured I’d just go ahead and write here instead. I’m shit scared of already having my first injury, and one that could potentially be a irreparable one at that.

Anyway, basically for the last three weeks or so I’ve been doing the newbie routine, and worked myself up to about 30 minutes of wet jelqs (I’m uncircumcised) and some 5-10 minutes of stretching with 2 days on and 1 off, and this has gone rather well, EQ is up etc. However, yesterday after my routine I noticed something very odd. Unfortunately I haven’t taken pictures of my dick before to compare with, but one of two things has happened: 1) the frenulum connecting to the meatus has “burst in the seam” a small bit and basically increased the size of my pee hole by a couple of millimeters (I don’t have a huge glans at all so this is not minor), it’s very noticeable because the pee slit isn’t straight where this starts, which also causes my urinating stream to become twisted-like instead of just a normal stream. The direction of the stream hasn’t changed noticeably so I’m not pissing all over. 2) It’s also possible the size of the pee hole is actually the same, but most noticeably one of the sides of meatus (or, as it looks, a part of the frenulum going alongside the end of the meatus that on the other side is thin) has swollen up to strange proportions causing the slit to not be straight at the end where it meets the frenulum.

It’s hard to say which it is, but given I’ve had no pain, no blood (as far as I know), and the skin at the end of the slit (the twisted part) seems to not be red at all and is not more sensitive than the rest of the penis, it seems more like some sort of swelling up. Basically what it looks like is that the end-part of the frenulum connecting to the meatus has gotten much bigger and is causing the slit to be really lopsided at the end, it’s noticeable because the swelling/enlargement actually goes quite a bit in towards the middle of the meatus, I have no idea how this has happened but something that looked to be previously rather thinnish has turned super sized. The other side of the meatus it’s much less noticeable on.

It’s possible this happened a few days ago and I just missed it (esp if part of the frenulum was torn/ripped apart I’d expect redness/torn sensitive skin where it had burst open straight after the jelq/stretching session I’d assume, so it would likely have to have been a few days earlier where I just missed it then). I was hoping it would have gone down over the night if it was just some normal swelling, but it’s still there I’m afraid. I could take a picture of this but I’m not sure you are allowed to in this forum. If allowed I’ll do this, maybe a mod/someone else can tell me.

Anyway, has anyone else experienced something similar? As I said there is no pain whatsoever after I’ve discovered it, the only real effects are that it looks different from before and that the peeing stream is twisted due to the slit not being straight anymore. I still get erections and nothing “interior” seems to have changed. And once again, I’m not entirely sure just how big my meatus was before (yes, not taking pics before was really stupid, I know), but to me it seems I should have felt a rather noticable pain if the frenulum actually burst open a bit. Still, just the fact that this change occurred is scaring me really hard being so new to this and felt I really had to post and see if I could get any explanations and hopefully even some comfort to be able to calm down.

Thanks in advance for any answers/opinions!

I once had a friend who I think had this happen to him during sex though.

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