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So after I do my session of jelqing, do I always have to warm my dick up again? And.its kind of sore at the base after 3 days straight is that normal?

Dammit man, have you ever just thought about reading topics and doing research yourself? Or maybe use the search button more often?

I viewed your post history and it seems that you just post random questions on the forum. Most so simple you can explain them fully in the title of your topic.

Thunder is about hard work and training. I suggest you do the same.

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Well, no need to be so aggressive, H2PE :) .

Loyal, it is suggested to do the warm down. Soreness at the base is normal after three days of work. Now, I think H2PE isn’t totally wrong: you have to use the search engine, members get nervous of people asking questions that can be answered doing a quick search, because it can sounds like ‘Hey, can you do the work I am too lazy to do?”.



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