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Posting to say hello.

Posting to say hello.

Hello reader of this post.. Name’s Millia and I’ve been PE’ing for roughly 3 months, about to be on month number 4.
I first discovered PE by reading up on those stupid grow your dick pills and was considering getting some not because I was insecure or anything, I was just sick of banging girls and wondering to myself, “Gee, I would really be annihilating this pussy right now if I was bigger. I want to make her not be able to walk for a week.” But not really able to achieve that. I then discovered jelqing which I did on and off for a week, and ordered myself a jelq device. First day using my jelq device I ended up with an injury that left me with a large bruise on the top of my shaft, which ended up peeling off within a week. Then I discovered a different forum and started a progress log, and well the rest is history.
When I first started out I had no clear cut routine, but discovered that I had what I call an iron penis, that allowed me to do more advanced exercises right from the get go. I was doing Uli’s and horse squeezes in my 2nd or 3rd week in. Anyways after roughly 3 weeks to a month of that and making some initial gains, I went on to actually devise a routine and stick with it, which I did for about a month until I broke my foot from playing Semi-Pro Football. After taking a 3-4 day break I devised yet another routine that I’ve stuck with until last wednesday when I left my natural PE habitat to go out to Hawaii to visit family. Since then I’ve been on yet another routine that I’ll be doing until I get back.

My starting stats on 03/10 were:
NBPFSL - 5.9
BPFSL - 6.5
BPFL - 4.8
BPEL - 5.7
NBPEL - 5.3
EG (Base) - 5.1
EG (Middle) - 4.9

And after a measurement on 05/12 I’m at:
FG Mid 4.7
FG Base 4.1
BPEL 6.5
EG Mid 5.1
EG Base 5.3

My normal routine consists of 3 sets of clamping throughout the day followed by a 5-10 minute “head swell” power jelqing session.
My last one is usually done at night so after I finish the jelqing, I can edge for a period of time, and then I hang. Before I left I was hanging 10 lbs for 15 minutes, working my way up to 20 minutes, but alas I had to stop.

My routine now is slightly different, and is a set of clamping, power jelqing, clamping, power jelqing, edging, and then a lig/tunica oriented stretch routine that takes me about 30 minutes to complete.

I had actually stumbled upon Thunders before the other Forum I regular at, but the registration had just closed or something, so I had missed out on my chance, but I’m glad to finally be a member here because of the abundance of information all over the site.

Anyways, hello Thunderians!

Welcome bro, nice gains. It must feel good to break the 6 nbpl barrier.

Hell yeah!! But my goal for now is just a simple 7.0 NBPEL and 5.4 EG at Mid-shaft!

Sings: “We have the same goal! Woot! You do know…once you reach it you’re gonna wanta morea! Haha!” *Hug & welcome!* :)

5.3" NBPEL.

BPEL 6.5-6.7" Goal: Anything!

Girth: 5" but getting bigger. ;)

Welcome to thunders and the world of PE.

Very nice gains,

4Foreskin ;)

Thanks Tomato, but that is just my short term goal for now! Gotta see how my girlfriend and her vajay jay can adjust to that before I go for more length. But once I reach that 7.0 NBPEL, strictly girth work and cementing on length until I get that 5.4-5.6” EG! Then I’ll worry about more :D
*Same goal danceing*

Hie 4Fore, thanks for the welcome and thank you! The gains are nice, so hopefully I continue to gain! :)

iHang Muzzle

:hanger: 15 lbs now. Angle: BTC

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