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Posting On Other Forums

Posting On Other Forums

When can I start posting on other forums, I’ve been lurking for 2 years now.

As soon as you get 20 posts. At your current rate that should only take 20 years or so. :)

You’ve been lurking this long and don’t know that?

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OK, this one makes 2! I’m on my way baby!!

BTW, jelqing works big time. The longer it’s done the better the results. I knew this Egyptian doctor who actually introduced it to me. He had been doing it for nearly 22 years, and at 63 he’s still rock hard and hung like a donkey. No joke.


He’s a seek3r and not a post3r..:D

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Whoa there seek3r! 2 in a day? Careful - it’s a way of encouraging you to get involved in the forum I guess…

Good to see you’ve started at last..:)

"Drilla Knows Ass" - Para-Goomba

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The Eygptian Doctor is supposed to ask you to drop your pants and cough, not the other way round! :)

Oh man, this is the THIRD post, watch out!! I’m going to try and get more information from this doctor. Apparently he learned it from his uncle.

Next thing you know you’ll be posting pics of your dick on the ‘net.. Watch yourself!

Try throwing in your 2 cents from time to time.


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