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Post 1

Hello Folks, first post here. Been pumping cock and balls for years, and I’m interested in other methods of PE. Am 8-1/4” x 6”, and you can’t be too rich, too thin, or too hung.

Welcome aboard.

I have a feeling you will be getting a lot of questions about how much you have gained from pumping and what your routines have been like to make positive gains. So many guys, including me, have 8X6 as their ideal size so congratulations on achieving that glorious milestone.

Was wondering what your size was before you began your pumping career.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

My gains have been minimal, and I’d say with certainty that it’s because I’ve never had a routine. I’d pump a few times just to give my girl something different. Over the years I may have gained maybe 3/16” in length. My girth has been pretty constant at 6”, measured mid-shaft. The base has gained from 6” to about 6-1/2”, which I don’t “count” per-se, as it’s really all the way at the base and not “useful”.

I really enjoy pumping my balls and cock together. I’ve got a Monster Tube Jr. And it’s really comfortable, if somewhat difficult to get a consistent seal. I’ve also got a 2-3/4” x 9” tube for cock only. Both are commercial products, but I got started with a homemade 3X10 tube made from an acrylic candle mold. Incidentally, they don’t seem to be sold any more.

I don’t mind getting a donut, as it really touches everything inside my girlfriend, and feels good for me as well. Over the years it takes very little time to get a good pumped size, maybe an hour to get 7” girth, two hours for my max of about 7-3/4” mid-shaft, with much more at the foreskin if a donut forms. A mtn bike tube segment can prevent a donut if I feel like going that way. I keep pressure moderate.. Typically 3in for ball pumping, and 6in max for cock only. But it does feel good to pop up to 10in for a few seconds when I’m near max size.. The stretch on my head and foreskin feels delicious.

Incidentally, I’m a Grower.. About 4-1/2” BPFL, 4-3/4” flaccid girth. As a nudist, I find it interesting to learn the erect sizes of the Showers who get all the attention.. The “biggest” guy where I’m a member hangs at least 7”, but he’s 9” hard. My girl and I did a “Create-A-Mate” and we show anyone who doesn’t believe us about my size. Funny reactions..

So that’s what I’ve experienced over a period of about 14 years of pumping, hope it wasn’t too dull/routine. I’m interested to find a PE method that’ll give me more permanent gains and can be achieved without more than an hour per day of attention. I’m happy with my present size, but it would be great to gain.


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