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Post workout pumphang--what if I don't have it for very long

Post workout pumphang--what if I don't have it for very long

I get a good pump during my jelq workouts but I don’t have that pumped up dong for up to a few hours post workout like some report. I stay big for maybe 15 minutes, then it turtles in slightly for a few hours before it slackens up during the rest of the day. Is this normal. If I don’t have a long lasting post jelqing pump, does that mean my workout was not effective? On some occasions, I stay turtled and my dong feels some what “cold” for a while. Should I assume that is a sign I need to reduce my intensity a little? Thanks for your help, guys.

As you begin to accumulate more and more PE time in terms of days, then weeks, then months, the after effect lasts longer and longer.

Try to keep your workout levels in the moderate range, at an intensity level that feels more good then bad.

I experience the same thing. The pump last for only a little while, then it seems to turtle for a while. If it feels “cold” you might try decreasing intensity a bit until the member is more conditioned. Keep in mind, I am a beginner as well, this is my first week of PE. Good luck!

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