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Post workout hot wrap

Post workout hot wrap

I was wondering if hot wraps were beneficial after a jelqing session? I have heard conflicting opinions on this. Not sure what to do here. Anyone here that has gained girth-were your gains made with or without a hot wrap after a work out?

Well, it can’t hurt to use a post workout hot wrap. I doubt that using a hot wrap afterwards will cause someone to gain more than someone who didn’t use one. I like to use a post workout hot wrap just because it feels good; keeps everything nice and loose, and it’s a good way to let him warm down after the workout.

hey superstroker, does this warming down have to be done with a hot wrap, or can taking a hot shower do the same thing?

Tyeeris, you may want to do a search on this. There are some thoughts on actually ending a stretching routine with cold instead of heat (applying the cold while still in the stretched state) as is done with some physical therapy applications.

The idea that heat is helpful in the plastic deformation of tissues and cold would help to (harden) in the new elongated state.

I don’t pretend to know if this theory is actually valid for PE but it is another view.

Do a search and see what you feel makes the most sense. Good luck.


Some people just take a shower, but I do both because it feels like I’ve warmed down good enough. It’s really up to you, but I base my decisions on how my dick feels, and doing a warm-down (hot wrap and shower) makes him feel better (more relaxed).

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