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Post Workout Hang

Post Workout Hang

I have been jelqing for the past two weeks. I’m starting to notice a longer, fuller flaccid hang throughout the day.

The problem is that my post workout hang is full and low, but then my unit turtles up a few minutes into my warm down. Not until later does my unit retain it’s FULLER flaccid hang.

I’ve tried using an advanced title only search, but couldn’t find a clear answer.

Does anybody out there know why my unit is turtling up after my workout? Someone said it was due to intensity, but I only jelq for five to ten mintues a session, with a moderate amount of pressure, so I am confused as to why this is happening.


I also believe you’re using too much tension. 5 minutes with an ‘X’ pressure could be the right amount for some guys, too much or too little for some others. You have to find the right amount for you: maybe it’s 3 minutes jelqs, or you do need 2 days off to recovery from a session instead than 1 day off.

Normal response man. Mine does too and I’ve been at it over 5 years. In fact it turtled a bit last night.

Best way to keep it from not turtling is either using some sort of ADS stretcher…


Give it a thorough hot wrap with a nice hot washcloth. I give it light-medium stretches and hold it even while I am doing that hot wrap. That works best for me.


Edit: Using the stretcher after you’ve done PE. There’s some thread floating around about “not letting it turtle” but in my opinion, that has little if any effect on gains.

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Thanks guys.

So after I do my warm UP, I do light stretching, followed by 100-150 3 second jelqs. Then a 5-10 minute warm DOWN

Are you saying I should stretch after my jelqs during my warm DOWN to prevent the turtling?

Is there any affect it has on gains?

Here’s what I do:

1. Warm up (hot washcloth wrap 3-5 min).

2. Stretches (about 20 min worth).

3. Jelqs (currently doing 20-25min, but this is something you work up to).

4. Hot wrap with washcloth again (holding dick out, to the side, etc. with some light stretches; after about 3 min of that, it’s nice and loose hanging.

PEing since Jan 1st, 2003

Cool, thanks Wt282

Hey wt282, you’ve been here for quite some time now. Whats your improvement stats wise been like overall?

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Yeah I’d like to know that too.

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