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Post workout flaccid hang

Post workout flaccid hang

For the guys making good gains, whenever you finish your stretching and jelqing, how does your flaccid penis hang afterwards? Sometimes I have a workout and it hangs a little longer and thicker for at least an hour or two, then is back to normal. Other times it comes back to the normal size within 15 minutes. I’m wondering if it means I had a bad workout when it’s back to normal relatively quick. Perhaps it has to do with my libido? It hangs thicker and longer when I haven’t slept with my girlfriend or masturbated? Thoughts?

One reason for it going back to normal or even smaller then normal rather quickly is a result of going overboard and causing some trauma. Even slight injury will cause your penis to retreat.

For me, a larger then normal flaccid hang for a long time is a sign of a perfect workout with just the right amount of force being used.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

A bigger soft after workout is a good sign. However, I don’t think it’s crucial to gain.

I think most times mine retracts a little…so long as it only last maybe an hour or so then goes back to the usual hang I don’t really worry…and actually I have a theory that when I’ve actually pushed a bit too far is when I actually break through the odd plateau. It is a fine line though of course.

Side note, when I saw the title I thought it was going to be post workout (carido, gym, etc) and not PE — To answer that one as well, mine shrinks a fair amount (sadly), but at least after gaining, even in it’s shrunken state it is still slightly longer than I was before PE on a good day.

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I experience the same as Phoenix. After PE it shrinks a little but not for long. I just put a lightweight hanger on it to keep it healing in elongated state. As far as gym workouts, it does shrink up after a good run but not as bad or for as long as before I started PE.

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