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Post-Stretching Device Numbness

Post-Stretching Device Numbness

Hey all,

4 months or so ago, I started in on PE, using a penis-stretching device (uses tension) in the hopes of increasing the size of my penis. I don’t particularly want to name the device as I’m not looking to cause any controversy about it. Things appeared to be going okay (had some positive side effects like harder erections, etc., and increases in flaccid length). Towards my third month, I started feeling coldness/numbness in my penis head while using the device (even though I was using it correctly and don’t feel I was pushing it too far, taking frequent breaks at least every two hours and usually hourly), and it freaked me out, so I stopped using the device (at first temporarily, but the company response was unfriendly and made me uncomfortable, so I gave up for good).

I’ve been off the device several weeks now. The good news is, I can still get normal erections, sex still feels good, I can ejaculate, etc. But I’ve noticed my frenulum (the underside of my cock head) feels less sensitive than it used to. What are the chances I did damage to the nerves there, and if I did, is this likely permanent?

I can live with this if I have to, but I’d really like this sensitivity back..

Thanks for any feedback all!

Hope this is okay, but I’d really appreciate some responses, so I’m going to try giving this a bump. Thanks.

I don’t know anything about the tension devises but posts mentioning a specific devise or exorcise and the problem or injury encountered are rather common. It is hard for the guys to give advise without knowing the particulars.

Have you done a search with parameters like:”productname numbness injury” or “productname frenulum”

Also might want to search just the injury forum for that product and check out the review forum as well.

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A lot of people experience loss of sensitivity and cold numb feeling in there glans when using these
Traction devices, because most of them are designed so poorly,

I was using the Penimaster for a while but I had the exact same problem as you , cold glans numbness,

I haven’t used my penimaster for about 6 months now and I’m into pumping just to restore sensitivity and it seems to be helping but I plan on getting back to the PM once I purchase a modified head from autoext when there ready they seem ok and I’ve heard good reviews.

I wouldn’t think the damage is permanent just stay away from pe and masturbating for a while and you should be ok I would think, if not try taking some supplements to help

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Thanks much for all the great responses! I’ll do some more research, but I’m glad I stopped using the device. I’m not doing any more PE (decided to be happy with what I have; this freaked me out too much), though I have a hard time not masturbating (but I’m being careful when I do).

My sensitivity isn’t terrible now - as I said, I can still greatly enjoy sexual pleasure and achieve both erection and orgasm. I just don’t know that my frenulum is as sensitive as it used to be; it seems different. I remember it being one of the most sensitive areas on my penis before, and now, the top is more sensitive than it is (though I can still feel there).

The device in question was a traction device with a silicon loop that goes around the head of your cock (with padding) and holds it in place. I didn’t notice any coldness/numbness when starting on the device, but of course tension is added over time, and in my third month is when this happened.

Most of the posts I’ve read say that as long as you have some sensitivity left, the nerves will heal/regenerate over time, but it can take months, so I can definitely be happy with that if that’s the case, and I definitely have some sensitivity everywhere - I just don’t think it’s quite where it used to be. I just hope I lost nothing permanently. (I’m also in a rural area where I’m not sure I’d be comfortable talking to a doctor about this, as I don’t personally know of any really open-minded doctors around here unfortunately.)

You mention pumping to increase sensitivity.. Is this necessary? I’d really rather not pump if I don’t have to.

Nope pumping it not necessary in your case as you say you still have quite a bit of sensitivity left:)

Was just mentioning cause pumping is very good for increasing sensitivity :)

Yea stay away from those dodgy loop belt style devices, goodluck

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Yeah, the noose attachments suck! I also tried a traction device before coming here. The head would get cold, and my shaft would get sore just below it. I stopped using it because it was putting so much pressure right where the main nerves are supposed to be. I liked the fact that I could really feel the stretch, but it was a pain because I had to keep adjusting it.

Thanks all. =O) Feeling much better about this.

Just a quick note that as time passes, my penis feeling indeed seems to be returning to normal. I can’t say for sure it’s completely back to normal yet, but it’s darn close if not, so I think it’ll definitely be a full recovery. Thanks again for all the reassurances/support. =O) Glad I found this place.

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