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Post-session PE Devices

Post-session PE Devices

Now I’ve done research into traction wrapping, cock rings, stretchers, ADS and etc. But I’m still a little confused about what does what. I know the following :

Traction Wrapping works for length gains. They help keep the micro tears heal in an extended state.

Cock Rings work for girth gains. They keep the outflow restricted so the penis stays in an expanded state for longer time.

Stretchers/ADS work something like a traction wrap. Keep low amount of pressure on penis, so that reversion to normal state takes longer.

Here’s where I run into problems. From the threads I read, mostly hangers only were using traction wrapping/stretchers post-session. Since I’m on a manual only routine, would my dick be stretched/fatigued enough to implement an effective wrap or stretch? As PEers know, hanging works the ligs/tunica harder than anything manual. Anyways I think it should work, but I’d like to get a second opinion.

Also, I’m thinking of getting a cock ring to help me after jelqing, but on the length routine that I’m on, would this be recommended over wrapping/stretching, or even recommended at all?


Sounds like you got a good handle on things. I’m a hanger and the reason I like traction wrapping better than wearing an ADS is because it’s easier to keep on, and adjust if there is a problem. I also notice blood flow/circulation is better with traction wrapping because you don’t have to apply the device as tight as most ADS’s. That said, ADS’s do provide a better stretch and are great if you don’t have a lot of time for regular PE’ing; hanging, jelqing, or manual stretching.

As far as wearing the cock ring, it will definitely help, but it’s up to you. Personally, I’m of the BIB school of thought in that you should get all the length you can first, then move on to girth.

That being said, has anyone gained from traction wrapping etc. using mostly manual routines only? Or has everything I posted apply to hangers only?

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