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Post-PE Shrinkage?

Post-PE Shrinkage?

Does anyone else’s unit start to shrink up during the cool down (with the hot wrap)? I’m using a rice sock. It was still warm from when I first heated it (60 seconds in the micro) to warm up, but I still heated it another 60 seconds. It was pretty damn hot, and I noticed about two minutes into my cool down, he was shrivelled up like I just dunked him in the ocean mid-Winter. Is this normal? Perhaps if it’s too hot this will happen? I actually had to keep it off me for half a minute ‘cause it was hurting, so…

Whenever my heating pad is on high and heat builds up to much its almost to hot and when I move my heating pad my penis turtles up. This is before I even do a workout, I don’t put it on high anymore and it doesnt happen.

60 seconds are really too much for me, I can only stand the warmth of a 30 seconds 800 W heated rice sock, but I think it depends on the volume of the rice sock you’re using. Maybe we’d better weigh the sock to properly compare the time.

Mine shrinks up after PE, so I put on a cockring to help a bit. I have also noticed that although it does shrink initially, a few hours later it rebounds and hangs fuller once again.

lol I purchased the 30some% hotter heating dome when I got my IR lamp and that sucker is :firejumpe I have to put it about 3-4 feet away or I jump through the roof. It does initially curl up and that’s why I put the extender on right after sessions. Keep the package semi-warm with boxer-briefs or something. Or it could just be that you’re from the moon :-k

Alright, well at least I’m not alone here. :)

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