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Post Office

Post Office

Hey guys im interested in buying a few things offline but doent want them sent to my house as I still live with my parents. So I was wondering that can you get stuff mailed to the post office instead. I live in the UK if anyones wondering but what excuse would I say to them.

Anyhelp is greatly appreciated people.


You can get a PO Box set up through the post office but you need to give them proof of address.…&mediaId=600006

If you use a private company (and live in a big city) you can set up a private post office box.

Before you set up your PO box, make sure that the companies you are interested in buying from ship to PO boxes. Sometimes they don’t.

Not a problem, you can get all your mail delivered to your PO box.

Cheers guys for the help. So how do you set up these po boxes and sorry for sounding stupid but does having a PO box get the mail sent to the post office or somewhere else.

Cheers people

Check the link I posted.

I only know how it works in America. Which doesn’t really help you.

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You can have your post directed to your local post office for a monthly fee, you can do this for as long as you like. See your local post office for details, or look at

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