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Post-newbie jelqing routine

Post-newbie jelqing routine

I’m adding small increments of time to both my stretching and jelqing according to the recommendations in the suggested newbie routine. All is going well. Assuming everything keeps going well through the 6th week, I’ll then be at 30 minutes jelqing time. Is there any reason to not keep adding a little time each week, given that hand fatigue and available time aren’t an issue? Would an hour of jelqing be counterproductive, barring negative PIs, or should a freshly graduated newbie look to adding some of the other specialized stretches instead of jelqing time?

As an aside:
I have begun to see a significant increase in post workout erect length now that I’m entering my 3rd week. Although it’s something that’s only temporary this early, it still is beyond what would ever have been explainable as a difference in state of arousal. I was willing to quickly discount the first 1/4 inch improvement as more likely due to stiffer wood from all the attention. The second 1/4 inch, however, gets my notice. At the start of PE I made sure to practice my bone-pressed measuring technique to ensure consistency, and to avoid a tendency to fudge the ruler placement in hopes of finding a phantom increase. My long term goal is to be able to submit a couple of clear progress photos for the benefit of the members here, especially other newbies. I won’t submit photos unless the improvement is clearly beyond what could be considered merely a difference in horniness, and of course there won’t be any photos if I fail to ever get real and lasting gains. Hopefully there will be gratifying photos sometime in 2008.

I don’t have much experience with PE, but from a body builder perspective, additional time doing the same exercise won’t really help. It can actually work against you since you’ll probably be overworking that muscle. Now, I don’t know what the optimal time spawn for Jelqing is, but I don’t think you will be gaining much if you keep adding more and more time once you go over this optimal time frame. Instead, try different exercises.

I wouldn’t just keep adding minutes to jelqing like that. Although the routine says to keep adding until 30 minutes by the 6th week. I say you should do 10 minutes and do it until you stop gaining before adding more minutes. In doing 30 minutes in a short space of time since you start, you may condition your dick too much to gain relatively easier later in your PE career.

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I think aom is right: if you are still gaining, then why change? My thoroughly undisciplined and inconsistent approach is actually working for me, so until my gains stall out I’m going to keep doing what I have been (with the possible exception of adding clamping - but that is only because I’m really intrigued by it and eager to try it out).

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