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Post Jelq Hang

Post Jelq Hang

Something very exciting happened this morning. I’ve been doing the newbie routine for almost two weeks (though I really spent the first week just trying to find my groove with the technique, which I feel I have attained).

I do the wrap to warm up, but then usually jump in the shower to warm down. I have been noticing, especially these past few days, how awesome my penis looks after a jelq looked to be hanging much larger than usual.

However, today, as I was turning around to jump in the shower, my spin caused my penis to swing a bit, and I felt something new.I felt it swing against a part of my thigh it had never touched before in such a flaccid state; a much lower part of my thigh. Geez, that felt so great, so powerful!

To me at least, that was a very strong indicator that I am on the right path with my routine and technique.

I believed in the first place that this stuff probably works, but that certainly strengthened my resolve.

Great post ER.

Congrats on your new-found-thigh-terrain-that-can-be-hit-with-dick. May it be an ever expanding region…

1st START: 11.29.02 -> BPEL: 6.06", EG: 4.63", FL: 3.31", EVol: 10.3 (Quit after 3 weeks.)

2nd START: 12.09.07-> BPEL: 6.25", EG: 4.75", FL: 3.5", EVol: 11.2 (9% increase)

RECENT: 02.03.08 ----> BPEL: 6.44", EG: 5.00", FL: 3.5", EVol: 12.8 (24% increase)

Way to go, keep up the positive attitude!

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