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Possible Tunica exercise

Possible Tunica exercise

In my search for stretching out my tunica I have been thinking about an exercise the focuses soley on the tunica. This is what I am thinking:

One hand grabs behind the glans and pulls ouoward, away from the body. The second hand grabs either midshaft or at the base. The hand directly behind the glans will pull away from the body and the lower hand, or hand that is located mid-shaft or at the base, pulls towards the body. The result would be a stretchinig of the penis between the two hands.

Any thoughts on this?

That is called an A stretches if I understand what your describing.

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There is no difference between using one hand at the base or not - when you pull out, the tunica will be affected.

regards, mgus

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What I am stating is to pull in opposite directions.

I don’t think this will be effective because the hand at the base will mostly be pulling skin. The skin along the shaft will stretch and actually pull back in opposition to the force applied behind the glans. In other words, there will be a net reduction in stretching force applied to the tunica.

A better technique would be to use the second hand as a fulcrum. Bend the penis over the second hand and let more stress be applied to one surface of the tunica than another. You can vary the position of the fulcrum to effectively hit all tunica surfaces.

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