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Possible to overtrain your unit

Possible to overtrain your unit

I started off jelqing a few months ago over a period of like two weeks and in those two weeks, I think I was making good progress. My unit was somewhat erect during jelqing, maybe around 40-50% (although I’m really not too sure), and my stroke strength seemed medium/light. I was definitely making progress though. Every day I would feel my unit hang low and I always woke up with morning wood. After those two Weeks, I was forced to stop and took a long break.

I’ve been trying to pick it up again and in the past week, I’ve been trying something different. After researching on the forums, I felt like in spite of the good signs I was getting before, I wasn’t doing things right and wasn’t doing my workouts with enough intensity. And so I decided to up my stroke strength by a lot and jelq with a greater erection. Unfortunately, I’ve been having no immediate positive signs and feel like my unit is turtling in rather than hanging lower. In addition to this, I have no morning wood in the morning. Could this be a tell tale sign of overtraining? I feel like I was doing the right thing in upping my intensity. When I was doing my jelqs before, it just seemed so relaxed.almost like I was just stretching it. Whats going on here?

This is a sign of overtraining.

You absolutely can overtrain and the signs of overtraining are exactly the ones you got on your second go round.

It’s very simple to fix. Take a couple of days off and then go back to the first way when you were getting positive results.

You can’t force results with PE. Moderation, time and patience is the way to go.

Please do not break your pee-pee.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Yeah be careful drink water and take a rest between your hard work!

When you do get an erection does it seem bigger?

Don’t worry about the turtled up flacid. But is the flacid bigger after jelqing?

Are your jelk strokes slow 3-5 seconds, or are jack’n like a rabbit?

Are you on antihistamines?T hey will cause loss of erection,girth decrease and probably size.

How many days are you jelking?

Perhaps you are over doing it

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