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Possible to get thicker, more resilient skin on penis

Possible to get thicker, more resilient skin on penis

The skin from my glans to about halfway down my shaft has been thin and slightly wrinkled for as long as I remember. I was cut, but from the way that I masturbate I believe I have restored some of the foreskin lost, although this all happened in my adolescent years unintentionally. The skin now gathers around the ridge of my glans, but does not overlap any of the head. I’m not sure if the thin skin is due to a tight grip while masturbating during adolescence, circumcision, or if it’s just genetic, but the skin just feels very thin and fragile, and gets very raw and discolored if I have a ton of sex or masturbate often. By the way, when aroused touching the skin is pleasurable, but when soft it’s often painful.

Does anyone else have a similar situation, or know ways to make the skin thicker and less fragile? Would restoring my foreskin until it bunched up around the glans even more help, as the tougher skin that covers the lower half of my cock would then cover most of it? The only thing I’d worry about with that is that I feel like I would have quite a bit of loose skin around the glans.

It sounds normal to me.

The only thing foreskin restoration would do would be to keep the glans covered when you’re flaccid. When erect you’d still have the same “problem.” Restoration takes a long time and more dedication than PE so it would not be an easy solution anyway.

The body will create extra skin cells in places where there is a constant irritation (callus), but I’ve never heard of it happening with penile skin. Perhaps using lubricants or wearing a condom will help reduce the irritation.


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