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Possible research study

Possible research study

I am very curious as to how quick one gains penis size in relation to muscle size. I myself gain muscle very quickly, so I hope there is a positive correlation. My theory is your gains (both muscular and through PE) are based on your body’s response to repair damaged tissue

Could some of you guys shed some light on this theory?

Also.. I am just starting out PE. My lot is 8-9. I am curious as to how much I can gain in say, 2 months if I keep at it 2 days on, 1 off, 1 on, 1 off. I do the newbie routine with stretches for 5 min and jelqing for 5-10. I am more concerned with length than girth

I don’t know that there is a connection between propensity to gain muscle versus penis size. Enlarging the penis is really a different problem because to a large degree it requires that the fibrous tunica be lengthened and expanded. THe tunica more closely resembles a tendon than it does a muscle, so there’s no reason to think that what works for muscles will work for the tunica.

Also, people who easily gain muscle obviously become stronger easily. But strength is possibly the enemy of successful PE. You want your dick to get longer, not stronger necessarily.

I wouldn’t give your LOT a second thought. It’s probably irrelevant to potential gains. Your workout looks okay for starters, but I would spend more time stretching and less jelqing if you’re primarily interested in length.

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