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Possible Problem?

Possible Problem?

I just started my PE routine; I do the newbie routine 5 days on 2 days off. I do this schedule because it is easiest for me, this way I always know that if it is a weekday than I need to exercise. After yesterdays jelqu session I noticed that I had some small bumps on the very tip of my penis around the hole. I didn’t think much of it because nothing hurt and they just looked like some small stretching bumps or something. Well today after my jelqu session the bumps are a little more prominent and the bottom half of the urine slit is now swollen as well. I could see it the best right after my hot wrap because it was a little red and irritated. Now it has been about 15 minutes and it has turned back to normal skin color and isn’t quite as swollen any more.

Should I continue with my routine tomorrow?


I’d lay off a day and then pick back up. It is most likely fluid build up from pushing everything into one small volume. I just moved up from a 20 minute jelq routine to a 30 minute routine and I noticed the same sort of thing. The skin around my shaft near the head was swollen as well as around the head as you stated. Since I’ve been doing this for 7 weeks, it healed by the next day but since you are just beginning I’d take a break. The first 4-6 weeks is mainly to get your penis adjusted to the exercises, at least that is what I have noticed. Hope this helps!

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