Possible Penis Injury

Hello everyone, while I would rather have my first post not be a plea for help, I can’t deny I am a little worried.

I tried jelqing a little while back (about a month), and was using not so good lubricant. I had a hard time keeping the erection level down, so I waited for a while and tried again. I managed to hold it down to get a good 100 something down, but then I had a sort of sharp pain, or burning sensation near the tip of my penis. After this painful sensation my penis got really soft and shriveled. I immediately jumped into a warm shower trying to reassure I hadn’t damaged myself. I quickly tried as hard as I could to get an erection, which with a lot of effort was successful. The erection was still not as hard as usual, however.

I was extremely worried for a few days, sometimes having pains in my penis area. The pains now, are gone though. So I am not so worried that I did any permanent damage to myself. Still though, after I ejaculate I notice my penis has something not so regular with it. There is one spot near the tip of my penis that looks swollen, or puffy I guess you could say. It doesn’t hurt at all, but it still worries me a little bit. I can explain in more detail if needed. I also find it a tad bit harder to get a decent erection, it just takes a little longer than it used to for some reason. It isn’t catastrophic, but I would love for it to be fixed.

I have searched Google for the answer as well, the closest to what I have had something to do with inflammation or similar. I’ll try and look for the page I saw this on, but it mentioned the swollen looking bit near the tip of my penis. Also, there is a vein on the top of my penis which sometimes sticks out of the skin, not uncomfortably, but more than I think is normal.