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Possible inury

Possible inury

I just started PE last week on the newbie routine. Warmed up, stretched, and moved onto dry jelqs. I did less than 50 because the lack of lubrication was beginning to hurt. I followed with a warm down. This was about 4 days ago and since then I have some soreness at the base of my penis in the pubic area and can’t achieve erections as easily as I had. I stopped doing the workouts till things clear up, but was wondering if anyone else had experienced this when first starting?

I can only think you were doing everything too hard. Take your time and take it easy.

That was what I was thinking. Any idea as to how long these side effects will last?

It depends on how bad you beat the meat. :)

Should be OK in another day or two.

I would not start out with dry jelqs as a newbie. Do lubricated jelqs until you get better conditioned - that might be the cause of your erection problems. Just take several days off until it goes away.

” soreness at the base of my penis in the pubic area” <— assuming this is not soreness in your actual penis, but in the ligs area - sore ligs are to be expected from stretching which is necessary for length gains.


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