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Possible injury

Possible injury

Hey guys,

So I’m on the newbie routine, and I start stretching as per usual. After the first upwards stretch, I notice something in my shaft that I haven’t felt before. After a little more feeling, it felt like there was a lump, or almost as if something was detached. After a mini panic attack, I did some research. I think it is either a strained ligament or a thrombosed vein (…e-injuries.html), leaning towards a strained ligament. There was no pain, just the way it felt to my fingers.

I stopped immediately. A little background, I took a week off last week, did two days on, one day off, and then started back today. I stretch pretty hard and grip pretty hard, but don’t feel pain, just a stretching sensation. Could I have maybe rushed back into things too fast after the week off? Only doing 1 minute per stretch.

It feels like a ligament, but it has a tiny bulb near the base of the shaft. Haven’t felt it before. Any thoughts? Anyone dealt with this injury? Should I take time off?

Let me know what you guys think.

Don’t be gripping or stretching it too hard. It’s safe to return to PE when you think it’s fully healed.

Sounds like a good plan. Have you experienced the same thing? How do I know I’m gripping and stretching too hard when it isn’t painful? I obviously want to see gains, but I guess I’m not sure what kind of stretch intensity I should be shooting for.

Pain is bad. When you stretch the penis out you will notice it stops stretching and there is more resistance on how much farther it can go, you want to lightly go past this point. If you want girth and have a conditioned penis, erect jelqs are most effective, just mind your pressure/grip.

Sounds good to me. Yeah, in retrospect I think I was stretching too hard. When I resume, I’ll be doing it lighter. However, I’m concerned about when / if I will heal. Have you had any injuries like this, or do you know who could advise me on how to deal with injuries? Would prefer not to have to see my urologist. Again, it’s not painful, but it’s as if there is a lump in the ligament. And I’ve never felt the ligament before. Planning on giving it some solid time off, but wanted to hear if anyone else has dealt with the same thing.

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