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Possible idea for a stretch.

Possible idea for a stretch.

When I have an erection I will sometimes pull my dick slightly downwards. I make sure that I do this very gently but I can definitely feel a stretch of some kind, not sure if it’s the ligs or not. The idea behind this is simple, the ligs are stretched to the max when you have an erection, so what if you stretched them just a bit further a little bit at a time. My erection is usually straight out, so to perform the stretch I simply push it down a bit.

Please note that I am not referring to “erect stretching” which I have seen mentioned here before. I am not pulling my dick further out while hard.

Any thoughts on this? Has anyone tried this before? Are there any possible injuries that I should watch out for? Thanks in advance for all your replies, this is truly a great site and as been a great help to me many times.

I will do something similar to this after I’ve done some ULI’s or other mostly-erect girth intensive exercises. I basically will SLOWLY force it down and push my cock back behind my legs, similar to a fowfer but obviously not bent back behind my ass. I’ve found that it does seem to really stretch those top/dorsal ligs and results in a big fat hang as I combine it with some kegels whilel the erection intensity goes <50%.

Anyone else?

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Yes I have seen this method being talked about before here on this forum. I don’t remember the name of it thou. But the idea was to get a full erection and then push your dick down with your hand to get a lig stretch. And I think some other PE site mentioned the method before it got to thunders so it’s quite old I believe.

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