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Possible gains

Possible gains

Hello, first time poster!

I started PE a couple of months ago and I got decent gains from the newbie routine, about half an inch in length and .2” in girth.

I recently started doing Uli’s and o bends and I have a question.

During jelqing and Uli’s my measured size is 5.15” in MEG while when not PEing it now is 4.569” (started off as 4.313”).

What does that difference mean, I wonder? Why does that expansion not happen normally and only during jelqing and Uli’s? Is 5.15” the possible MEG I can achieve or is it just an arbitrary expansion?

Also, my EQ is what I consider to be quite low. Not slagging, but compared to my boyfriend (I’m gay), there’s a huge difference. His penis is rock hard and doesn’t go flaccid for like 10 minutes after he ejaculates.
It’s not a matter of size, since he’s a lot bigger than me (something like 8” in length and over 5” in girth).

Is there any way to improve EQ enough to achieve the same effect? Will that affect the MEG that I mentioned?

The expansion while jelqing is a good sign, not sure it predicts the size you are going to achieve. Jelqing and Kegel’s improve EQ. I don’t know how physically fit you are etc.., those are factors that can affect a lot your EQ.

Thanks for the response.

I’m somewhat overweight, 5’10” 200 lbs. But my bf is obese and as I mentioned his EQ is insane.

We aren’t all the same. In my experience, nothing is better to improe EQ that having long walks and training legs and abs. And quit smoking if you smoke.

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