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Possible Explanation For "Phantom" Girth Gains?

Possible Explanation For "Phantom" Girth Gains?

Not sure if anyone else has had this issue, but I’ve been PEing consistently for my first time ever lately. I pump, primarily, along with jelqing in between. I do a warmup. No stretches, no cooldown. I don’t have the time, nor the desire.

In any case, it seemed my girth was increasing for awhile, and my length was stable. That was fine with me, as I want more girth than anything. I noticed more recently that my girth seems to have gone right back to where it was when I started, so I figured PE is bogus. Then I noticed that, in my tube, my penis seems to be reaching further up, with the same vacuum levels. That leads me to think the length increased a bit (and it certainly seems to have done so), and consequently, my girth decreased. The little bit of extra thickness I was getting seems to have spread itself out over the increased length.

Is this possible, or probable? Makes sense to me. I hope that IS the case, and that PE will still work.

PE can work for everyone, but not every method will work for everyone. Try everything and experiment with something every day. Don’t let your body get used to one set of exercises and build up a resistance to it until you can’t gain anymore. You need to try everything before you find out what works best for you. I don’t know whether or not what you are saying is anatomically possible. Keeping consistent, accurate measurements of your penis will alleviate the problem of not knowing whether you have gained or lost. I’d say that when your penis got longer, it didn’t look as thick in comparison to your old member, so you probably still have the same girth, it just looks like less on a longer penis. Any other questions, just ask.

Girth gain couldn’t be transformed into length gain in any way. You need to keep an accurate measurements of lenght and girth, so you can see what exactly is going on.

I noticed this too a few weeks after starting PE in August, my girth actually reduced for a few weeks but it soon got back to where it was and the extra length is more than welcome, don’t worry about it and keep going.

PE is bogus. This is all a farce. Those boobs in Dongalong’s avatar are a figment of my erection.

Hog before: 6'' NBPEL; 5'' MSEG---->> Hog now: 7.3" NBPEL; 5 1/4" MSEG; 8.5 BPFSL

Going by what you think is happening and not using measurements to tell exactly what is happening is a bad idea. Most guys can’t tell they’ve gained at first except through measuring.

The cooldown is actually pretty important. Blood is what repairs any damage to your body and that’s exactly what PE does to your unit, damages it. The cooldown gets blood to your buddy asap after PE so your body can get to making you a bigger, better buddy.

If you’re just starting a consistent routine, you might want to steer away from pumping for a bit. Even if you don’t injure yourself (which is always easier to do when starting), it’s going to condition your unit to higher stresses before you even need to apply that level of stress. Short version, when you get to where you stop gaining easily, the pump won’t work.

Time and desire are the only things it really takes to do PE. So if you don’t have it, then it wouldn’t matter what we said to try and help you.

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