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Position for stretching

Position for stretching

Is there a difference between stretching from a seated position, and stretching standing up? I mean in terms of tension and efficiency.

If you are sitting down, I’d say you would be able to target the points you want stretched more accurately, as the rest of your body would be motionless. Standing up, your torso would be inclined to move, and the strength of your pull (for blasters etc) would not be as strong.



I don’t know about the difference, however I always like to stretch while sitting and somtimes use the wall or back of the sofa to get a little better support.

Try lifting your legs and bending at the knees for a little better stretch too.

It you want to try standing while stretching experiment with slowly lowering by bending your knees while maintaining the stretch as well.

What kind of stretching are you doing now ? Have you seen any increase in length to date?


I am into my 3rd day of stretching. I am stretching left,right,up,down and out. Right now I am stretching for 10 seconds in each direction, with a rest inbetween. I am doing 5 sets for each direction also.

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