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Pornstart Julian


The fact he has Jilly Kelly as a bride makes him a dam stud.

& Btw Balrog thats Janine Lindemuller not Jill Kelly

(<—Pervert;) )

That pic is Julian. He has the kind of ideal dick that most guys would envy.


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I think you are thinking of Julian Rios aka Jordan Rivers. That guy has a really awesome tool but I thought it was 10”+. Anyway, google those names and you should have some luck.

That’s one lucky guy.

A huge unit and a hot wife..

Some guys have all the luck

Did you see Janine’s first boy-girl video?


Yeah that’s Julian…

In the films I’ve seen him in I can never figure out the size. In one clip it shows him leaning forward on a table and his dick head is almost touching his nipple. I would say that’s probably at least 9”.

That’s Jason Turner from Footballer’s Wives!!


Where would I be without PE?

Someone said janet jacme and i would like to say that i would sleep between her thighs. The way she screams drives me crazy!


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