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Popping with stretches.

Popping with stretches.

Very long time lurker. Not very invested PEer. I’ve always felt that with a small penis (5 and 1/2”) gains are to be miniscule. However, I have done stretching routines for the last several years, that way my flacid look isn’t that bad, with jelqing ocassionally to keep it fat looking. So you could call me a quasi-PEer.

Anyway, I decided it was time to try full tilt stretching. Hard, furious stretching. This was about a week ago. I have a good idea of my penis’ breaking point, so right off the bat I started pulling as hard as possible, slight pain here and there, but nothing to be too worried about. I do these power stretches at night before I go to bed, btw, with just my hand, index finger above the head of my penis grasping tightly. When I heard my first “pop” I was excited, because it was an experience other lig rippers have felt before. However, I didn’t actually feel a lig come out or anything like that. Ever since then, I can pull my penis, and it will pop, with increasingly less strength necessary to make these pops (however, I keep pulling harder, for fear that the healing process will make harder later on).

I think what is happening is that my ligs are settling back down as I sleep at night, and the next evening, when I pull on my penis, the pop is just the ligs coming back from their settled position.

I absolutely think that my flacid stretched length seems longer than before. Perhaps maybe a cm. I can almost get my pitiful 5” penis to stretch to my belly button (I have decided, if all goes well, my head settling into my belly button would be a good size)! However, my erect length seems to have deteriorated to something like 3”, until I work it somehow and it decides to go back to its 5”! This is very disconcerting. How can one have “two” hard levels?

Anyway, my question is this. Is this nightly popping safe (it is largely painless, surprisingly)? And do you think that my idea is correct that the ligs are just settling back in (which is why they pop the next day)? If so, would you recommend an all day stretcher to keep this settling from occuring?

Heh, I went to stretch it again and record it on a microphone, but it didn’t get picked up. Won’t be able to do it again for a little while. But I’ll try again. It’s a really good sound (which is why I’m optimistic this lig stretching thing is for real).

Okay, I got the popping sound. :)

I must’ve got it the first time, apparently it’s REALLY faint in my mic, so I had to up the gain in the audio recording. But you should be able to hear it quite clearly, might want to turn up your sound just a wee bit.

BTW, I hope it’s okay to post this here. I didn’t see anything indicating otherwise.

Any comments on the pop?

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