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Poor Subject Titles


Poor Subject Titles

Hey all members,

When starting a thread - and we should all feel free to do so - please give some real thought to the name of the thread subject. Please do NOT type in the following types of pathetic titles (and I am not singling anyone in particular out with this, so don’t get all insulted):

“Please help…”
“So I was thinking…”
“What do you think?”
“Question for BIB” - OK, there have been about 50 threads like this in the last year!
“Help me”

Recent examples of well-thought out titles include:

“Caught in the Act” (infamous)
“My Balls hang too low - what can I do?” (cracks me up)
“I need to get rid of discoloration fast”

OK, so there haven’t been alot of great ones lately. Point is, give some thought to what is unique about your thread, or just don’t post because it’s probably somewhere in the archives.

Make us want to open the thread and join in with our thoughts. This means you sit and think for just a bit before you post your thread. Perhaps make the subject line the last thing you write because after you’ve written it you’ll have a better chance to gauge and describe the real theme of your post.


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Everyone is getting a little irritated around here lately. Damn, what’s goin’ on?

“My Balls hang too low - what can I do?” (cracks me up)

that was pretty funny

"Building a weapon of mass destruction" Started: 5.81" x 3.88" Now: 8.5" x 5.0" Goal: 9" x 6"

so you think...

…we should put more thought into our subject lines?

I’m being a smart-ass. And I am one of the guilty ones. Your point well taken.

Thanks for your input to improve the board.


Good idea !!

Gee, Buster, if you have something on your mind, out with it. Don’t hold back.

Guilty as charged here, the suggestion to wait and add the title after you have written the post seems like an excellent idea.

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Could it be that we aren't Shakespeare?

Are you like an English major or such? I really think that these guy’s drug of choice is not hooked on fonix!

yeah I agree…..

when I log on and click the show new threads thingy, I usually open each interesting sounding thread in a new window, but the ones with dodgey names I dont read until they have a substantial amount of replies…

so if you want your posts read then maybe be a little more inventive with the titles yeah..

My 2 Copper Lincolns on this

For me the uninteresting tiles don’t really irk me like you guys. My fucking beef is for people that write huge long single paragraphs. GOD that pisses me off. I think if we are going to get onto people for something it should be both.

These run on paragraphs just take my patience and interest to a screeching halt. I really just skim them over at best.

No I am not an English Major but a Communications major and a few others, which is a longer story you will not give a shit about. So I know some poor schmo in Hungary is trying to read this huge run on paragraph and translate it to his native language and he has such a daunting task before him. Since this is an international board, let’s try and be a s helpful as possible and not create any hardships for our Non-English Speakers.

I’ll jump on your bandwagon and agree boring titles do suck donkey dick. But most of these posters seem to be newbies who are like Bib this and Bib That, cause they figure the rest of us aren’t knowledgeable in hanging or whatever.

I agree on all counts. I am very good on the pertinent subject line. Sometimes I violate the giant paragraph from hell law.

My pet peeve? Guys that don’t bother to do a search and find out that an identical thread is already running. We once had 3 threads running at one time on what size dick do women want. I have asked Thunder to kill threads that I started once I realized that it was a duplicate. I hate duplicate threads, GRRR!

One thing that we need to give ourselves credit for is jumping on guys that use crappy spelling and grammar. We are very international, and I have got to tink dat nothing is worse 4 U non English speekers than crap like this.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Creative subject goes here

Good point BusterHymes, as well as yours twatteaser!

Especially the single paragraph posts, I hardly ever read those unless they are short, and thus really just one real paragraph long.

I´m not being a snob here, it just makes it much, much easier to read if you divide what you write into several paragraphs. We all need a breather every here and there, just like sticking up your head to breath when you swim or making several sets of a hanging session ;)

since we are all griping here...

What ticks me off is a thread that goes off-topic almost immediately. I think as a thread goes on it is pretty normal for it to move away from the original post, but I HATE clicking on a thread that looks interesting to find the posts talking about something completely different within the first 2 or 3 posts. My 2 cents worth.

"...its' natural environment is in the hole, so why don't you send him home. His bags are packed, he's got his airplane tickets- bring him to the airport...send him home."

From: 'Happy Gilmore'

"What the hell...."

Seems that your spending a little to much time on these forums. Instead of getting “aggravated,” why don’t you instead help the poor gentleman with the problem, after all, we’re all here to help each other out. So next time, don’t pay TOO much attention to the sub-titles and concentrate in the problem.


Hey Buster,

A bad thread’s name can be changed by a mod…
I suggest that this measure be reserved only for the extreme cases though.

ù ì å í



I think you need to open a “I got a bitch forum”

LOL :firejumpe


Undoubtedly if you hang in here long enough and get put in a Mod position then YOU will have the glorious duty of attending to newbies and others who repost, repost, and repost, asking the same questions and concerns without doing any real research through what is a great archive of PE information.

Compounding that would be all abundance of posts made that are vague in regards to subject titles. Instead of promoting people to look into them, they simply turn people off to the forum.

If I am straightforward about a ‘bitch’, it’s simply because the forum has become overgrown with this problem. It’s called ‘cleaning house’. And again, if and/or when you mod you can have the fun of doing that. Or simply just sitting around and not doing anything.

And I am not going in and changing the subject titles of people’s posts. Thanks, but they don’t pay me quite enough.

The problem, Marco, is not my ‘aggravation’, but the fact that a number of guys are just too lazy to read and want immediate attention, and go about it with poor posting skills. It is especially an issue when in the Main Member and Hanging forums. We accept - no, EXPECT - that stuff in Newbies forum, but the other two are prime forums. This calls for a bit of effort on the part of all.

And my final question is - how much are you guys paying for this forum? Right, so don’t we at least owe some effort? Right..

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