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Poor Subject Titles


Maybe some kind soul want to take the time to build out the FAQ, since that is required reading it would probably save you guys a lot of time. Especially in the long run.

Unfortunatly I don´t have that time at hand myself, nor am I a mod. It´s just an idea.

I agree with Buster somewhat, even though I am not a mod I am just a normal member. But how would one get a lot of different opinions about their inquiring subject without normal members. I find when I ask a question, and it turns in to a deep thread involving members as well as mods is when I get the most input.

In other words receiving a lot of different perspectives, always helps me, but when you have garbage for a subject title it doesn’t even make people curious. The subject title I hate is “Hey guys” not to point anyone out, but I see this one often and have never opened one of them.

In a tree-hugging moment..

I decided to reword the initial post of the thread and retitle it, also. A case of honey over vinegar, I suppose. Hopefully this will help people accept the idea rather than feeling like they were (hehe) dick-slapped with it.

It renders some of the subsequent posts to look rather odd, but there is enough in life to worry about than that, eh?



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