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polyester underwear can cause ED?

polyester underwear can cause ED?

I was watching the show manswers and they said wearing polyester can cause ED because of the negative and positive charges mixing or something. Anyone else heard of this or experience this? Ive worn polyester to bed every night for years (gym shorts) and I notice weak erections, could this possibly be true?


Some doctors say that polyester underwear slows down the sperm, causing a temporary sterility and this could “prevent” an unwanted pregnancy.

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Just sleep naked. It’s better to let your nocturnal erections be uninhibited anyway. Problem solved.

Yes, simple plan sleep naked it’s the best, way to constricting with anything on at night.

That particular show is for entertainment purposes. I wouldn’t take any of their “information” too seriously, granted it is fun to watch.

I don’t understand why anyone would wear underwear to bed at all. Even if it is cold, throw another blanket on and sleep nude. My wife sleeps in a nightie for warmth when it’s cold but no underwear unless it’s that time. I don’t think guys should ever have underwear on at night.

To answer the question though, I know that tight underwear that doesn’t breathe can lower your sperm count by keeping your testicles temperature elevated unnaturally. I have never heard (nor would I agree with) any reason why it would give you lower strength erections.

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Originally Posted by onenekkidguy
I don’t understand why anyone would wear underwear to bed at all.

Ditto. I’ve never understood it either.

I find tight underwear puts unnecessary stress on my package. I turtle much more often wearing tight undies. I almost always freeball now, much more comfortabe.

Same here. I’ve slept naked for over 30 years now. Seldom wear underwear anymore at all. Usually just when I’m at the gym.

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