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Point me in the right direction

Point me in the right direction

Can someone point me in the right direction of a routine that will allow me to gain about .5” length and .3” girth. Something simple I just really got into PE three days ago the first day I just read though and started yesterday. I’ve been doing Jelqs mostly and O clamps (I think thats what they are called) it when you make a Tourniquet with an OK grip and do bends and a low erection state. And I do kegels when ever I can. I’m not looking for huge gains (not against it)but just the extra neck ahead, and of course as fast as possible. There’s just so much information it really is overwhelming for me. And there is no way I can do all the exercises.I think my member would fall off. So this is why I ask. Thanks!

Hey with the jelqs I think I’m doing them wrong. I am making a Tourniquet with an OK grip and moving it up. Should I not be doing that?

Originally Posted by Wantingmore01

…and of course as fast as possible.

There is no “fast” in PE. Doing things in a hurry will just cause you to injure yourself. You have to take it slow and easy. Follow the newbie routine found in the link marinera gave you. There are videos linked there, too, to show you how things are done.

Yea I watched a few of them but there are quite a lot of techniques. Any input on which ones would do best for my situation?

Just do some experiments by your self with and ok grip, an overhand ok grip, etc. And find which one is best for you. If you feel the slightly tingling sensation of your penis being swelled with blood, and you see it swelling, you are doing it correct. If you feel pain or see anything alarming, stop, think about what you are doing wrong, let your penis rest and start again.. If you still feel a lot of pain, maybe a day’s rest will help.

Just take it easy, do not hurry yourself, and read the material in this site.

Oh, and do the newbie routine.

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