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Pleaseee Help

Pleaseee Help

Hi everybody!

I want you guys to help me please. Your answers will guide me and make me know what is wrong with me.

I am 23 years old and until this time ı had sex only three times with hustlers.I have never had a girlfriend. I had erectile dysfunction at all 3 of them. I got erection so lately and couldn’t maintain them to the end and ejaculated early when it was soft.

But in masturbation everything is perfect. I masturbate 8-10 times a week(twice a day, one day on one day off) and ı get rock hard every time . Doctors say that my erectile dysfunction is psychological and reason maybe my previous depressions or a childhood problem or afraid of women and ı should find a real girlfriend etc..

The question is about;

I realized that when starting masturbation ı don’t get erection while watching porn unless ı stimulate with my hand. When ı start stimulation ı get rock hard very very fast in seconds. But if ı don’t touch him, he doesn’t move.

Does yours get erected without touching them while watching porn or you do the same with me?

If you are not same with me, do you think that my problem can be solved With PE?

Please help.<:(

My feeling is that your problem will resolve itself once you get into a relationship with a woman with whom you are very relaxed and comfortable.



And I agree with avocet8. But, dont try to find a relationship based on your peepee problem

Hey itishuge, I’m 20, and though I can get erections without physically stimulating my penis, I usully need physically stimulate myself. Unless my grilfriend’s around, and somehow that turn me on a little. I think your doctor is completely right: it’s mostly mental. When you masterbate, do you always have porn in front of you? If you end up in a long term physical relationship with someone, and get comfortable with a partner, I’m sure things will go easier. Until then, you can try a few things: do kegels. This is generally thougt to help with ED. There’s articles on men that have done kegels to the point where they can have multiple orgasms (the men aren’t very common).

Originally Posted by avocet8
My feeling is that your problem will resolve itself once you get into a relationship with a woman with whom you are very relaxed and comfortable.

Right! Plus if you quit jerking off for about a week, your dick will get hard when the wind blows!

Its normal to be nervous with a hooker or a new gal, its normal to not get hard easily when you jerk off a lot.

itishuge, nervousness is normal. If the hand stimulation helps with porn, maybe it will help when you are with women too. You know your dick best and how to get it going. You could also trying having it start with them performing oral sex on you at the start. You don’t need to be hard for them to do that and once you get up from it, it may relieve your anxiety. And I would go with what sparkyx said, lay off the jerking off and you may even want to lay off the porn too for a while and see if it makes a difference. Real life is pretty hard to match what you see in the pictures, unless your Hugh Hefner, and even with four 20 year old blond girlfriends, he takes Viagra.


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