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Please Share

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I need exercises and routines, when I first started doing the newbie routine along with some extra jelqs I saw quick gains. Now it seems like the speed of the gains has come to a stop and I am still doing the same things only more of it than when I started. I am sure it’s time to throw some new things at my boy and get him to gaining again.. So please share some of the routines that worked for you guys.

Thanks in advance,

The Dark Knight,

P.S what are all of the abbreviations? BPFS,BPFSL,BPEL,EG etc.

The Batman; I had the same issue, in that the gains seemed to diminish after about 7 weeks. On my off days, I reread posts on jelqing and experimented with my jelq technique. Basically after 7 weeks, I increased the pressure of my jelqs and focused more on the sides than before. I also pushed into the pad farther to grab even more blood at the beginning of a stroke and lastly performed more k’s during the stroke. I also experimented with dry jelq’s to see if this technique would help me. Bottom line, is that I believe we must advance our jelq techniques to continue to achieve progress. Hope this helps.

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