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please read.


please read.

What is the best system for someone with a low lot. Hanging, Pumping, manual stretches?



Impossible to tell until you try. The rule of thumb - start with the least expensive one in terms of time and money.

Stats (bp) 2004/08/19 8.0 X 5.5" 2005/08/29 8.2 X 5.8" Goal - I am good for now

They’re all effective. You just have to determine which is best for you.

Im just soooo nervous, I just dont want to screw up my dick! I wish I knew this actually worked. I keep reading crap that says it doesnt all over the place. But then I get word of this free site and viola I think I am saved except now I dont know.

I really want a bigger penis, because I truly am hindered by the fact that my penis is average. All I can think about is how women want a 7” or above, and my piddly 5.75” isnt going to do it for them. I know its crazy, but I really obsess over this. I feel so lousy and depressed by this. I feel like some kind of freak who is not worthy for most women out there. There are a ton of beautiful women out there, but I just cant face them, for fear if they actually did find me attractive/interesting enough to go to bed with I would be laughed out of the bedroom!!!

Why don’t you start with the newbie routine?

Newbie Routine

Stats (bp) 2004/08/19 8.0 X 5.5" 2005/08/29 8.2 X 5.8" Goal - I am good for now

I can tell you this. This does work, but you can fail. Not everyone can do it it seems. There is allot more to this than meets the eye. Your instinct tells you, pulling on my dick can’t make it grow. And you are correct. Just like hard physical labor wont make you look like Schwarzenegger.

You have a ton to learn. It takes times to learn it then apply it. It’s not easy, but it does work, good luck.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Do you think I should buy a stretching device?

Im thinking that If I buy one of these it would really motivate me to do this. One thing about the manual stretches is that I have to go hide in the bathroom for a half hour, and my girl friend freaks out about it.

I think I might be able to wear the stretching device, while just sitting around, with a blanket over me.

No. Don’t buy anything yet. Do the Newbie Routine. Get conditioned. Get your dick used to getting worked with before you go using mechanical equipment. Manual jelqing and stretches for at least a month, I would suggest two personally. Then if that doesn’t work for you, you can move to other exercises or routines.

This stuff, as you put it, does in fact work. But it takes work. You have to be serious and dedicated to making it work. It can’t be a “Oh, I’ll just give it a shot for a while” because that doesn’t cut it. If you’re not in it for the long haul you won’t succeed.

So, get in it for the long haul. The results are priceless and you will not be disappointed. As was stated somewhere above, start with reading the newbie thread (linked in my signature) then go from there. After that read read read. Knowledge is Power. There is a ton of incredibly helpful information here. And if you can’t find it in print there are thousands of guys who are willing and quite able to help. So if you have a question and can’t find the answer using the search feature please feel free to ask.

Welcome to Thunder’s. And welcome to The Journey. Good luck to you.


When you first start a half hour is too long of a routine. Your routine should really only take about 15 minutes at the beginning, no more than 20. (give or take a couple minutes) If you are worried about her “freaking out” you might want to try telling her about it. I was scared at first to tell my wife (which I did recently), but she took it really well. Plus it opens things up so you can do your routine correctly and not have to worry about it. It’s up to you though, just a suggestion.



I don’t have a stretching device, although I seriously considered buying one for a while. Then I researched the subject here and found out that you can make your own for a fraction of the cost (run a search for the person PIET, he has pictures of his stretcher and hanger in his signature). Then there are other stretchers and hanging devices (ingenuity is unsurpassed here), have a look at Captains Wench for instance. At any rate, I think you can probably make a better product than you can buy given the research done by fellow PE’rs here. For instance, have a look at

Homemade Hanger Models and Instructions

I do NOT think it would be easier to hide a stretcher, possibly you could hide Chickenchockers allday between-the-cheeks stretcher better (search for “Chickenchoker ADS BTC”). All the metal and stuff would get caught on the blanket…

Since I do my PE in stealth, I go for stretching in the bathtub (warmup and privacy) blaming the half-hour in there on my sore back. For jelquing and other semi-noisy activities it’s a bit difficult, but I’ve also stayed up late to watch TV alone and taken a wet kitchen towel in a ziploc bag and microwaved it warm and then done my business lying on the sofa under a blanket to keep warmth. For starters I guess it’s best to stay in the bathroom with good lighting to get the hang of things.

On the subject of wanting a bigger penis, I for one started with the ambition to have a bigger erection not caring about flaccid size; but now that I’ve gotten bigger flaccid gains, I find myself focusing more and more on flaccid - for esthetical reasons. Check out the newbie info on how to measure - chances are you get some easy gains just by measuring the right way! Also, read this page (and have a look at the rest while you’re at it:

I suppose nothing I or anybody else here can say about the irrationalities of wanting a bigger dick, but I for one believe that while you may (for example) prefer tits cup C, it probably would not prevent you from going to bed with or marrying a girl with cup B. I believe the same applies to dick size.

My point is, going into any kind of endeavour with a “I’m happy now, and after this I’ll be even happier” attitude is more likely to succeed than the “If only I fix this I’ll be truly happy” attitude. If the latter applies, once you can offer your girl a plump 7”, we’ll probably find you over at Thunder’s Free HE Forums (Humor Enhancement) complaining that “they’ll fuck and suck, but leave me ‘cause I bore them. Should I buy a smile stretcher?” (just poking fun at you in good humor here).

So read up, start a newbie routine to get the feel for things and keep reading - this place is so full of ideas that it makes your head spin - and don’t get desperate, or you might do something real stupid and hurt yourself. Also, some people are slow gainers - or gain next to nothing - so don’t write this off as BS after 2 weeks or so. Slow and steady wins the race.



Thanks to all of you for replying.


Very well spoken. Your right I know it is not just dick size women care about, but Im so lacking in the other areas, my personality sucks, Im too skinny, got no skills whatsoever.

I will try to apply your advice though.


Originally Posted by sparky91
Why don’t you start with the newbie routine?

Newbie Routine

YEA, what he said.

Hey, man as far as telling your girlfriend or whatever: When I found out that you can actually make your penis bigger, I jumped into PE head first. The first thing I did was tell my wife- I was so excited! She said it was gross and I said to her ” if you could do an exercise that would really make your breasts bigger, would you do it?” She warmed up to the idea right away. PE has become the focus of my life. Hop on the wagon, and good luck!

Don’t mean to hijack here, but legolas there is a way for women to naturally enlarge breast size. My wife is on a program right now, up a cup size. PM me if you want details.


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